A (Belated) New Year's Message from Brother Koutoku for 2002

Greetings, my brothers and sisters!  Greetings from the holy land!

I have been asked to say a few words to the congregation here.  So I must first start by thanking The Shower Scene for the opportunity to rant for a little bit.

With the passing of the New Year, I have decided to say a few things about keeping those resolutions (which we have almost certainly already broken by now).

Why do we perform this yearly abomination?  Are not pride and dishonesty mortal sins?  Well...fear not!  I say that this year is the year to make proper resolutions!  Resolutions that can and will be kept!  Not so simple that you will not get a sense of accomplishment from them, yet not so complex that you shall never keep them.

I, for instance, should not have a resolution to eat another package of Pocky.  That is far too simple and I would do it anyway.  Nor should I resolve to build that full scale working SDF-1 in my kitchen.  I know I do not have nearly enough space!

Instead, perhaps a resolution to watch and understand a Miyazaki film in raw Japanese.  One perhaps that you already know very well, such as Tonari no Totoro, or perhaps even a new film to learn from, such as Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi (I saw that film about two weeks ago; great movie!).  Maybe watching the entire series of Macross--yes, even with "My Boyfriend's a Pilot" (shudder...).  These will give a genuine sense of accomplishment and will be something that better represents what being an Otaku is.

Or even better...  next time you go to a convention, shower every day!  You all know who you are if you don't.  Actually, for that matter, most everybody else knows as well.

But I encourage resolutions that are beneficial to Otaku in general.  Nothing is served with promises that cannot be kept or resolutions that are so simple that nothing will change.  Participate in the next church mass (which we hope will be at a convention which will be held not far from the Church's location).  Learn to play the ocarina and sit on the branches of a large camphor tree and play!  Help spread the gospel of anime to those who might not have ever heard the voice of truth.  Do good and the world will perhaps think a little better of us poor Otaku.

In the name of Miyazaki, Watase and the Holy CLAMP, have a good New Year's.

Live, love, laugh, loaf and watch more anime.

Brother Koutoku
Co-Pope and CEO
Reporting from the Holy Land for The First Church of Hayao Miyazaki