Within the great time of the Beginning, as all things Anime and Manga came to form in the image of His greatness, Miyazaki, a protest came to light.  The Angels of Yaoi and Shounen Ai made comment and criticism on the genre of Hentai.  Noting with firey rage that it pertained only to moaning, perpetually wet females, inconsiderate tentacles, and the only apparent male within a ten mile radius.

Displeased and embarrassed that two of His children would and could find something amiss in His great plan, He cast the Angels, Yaoi and Shounen Ai, from Heaven.  Never to return and never to surpass the worship of the beloved genre, Hentai.  Or even come close to the quantity in which Hentai homage and idolatry has obtained.

And so thus they landed upon the Earth, the world in which Miyazaki had created.  Looking about they saw an empty land, a barren land, but a land with much promise.  That this shall be their domain, that they would proceed to create what Miyazaki had refused them.  And from their beginnings, sprang forth the beautiful creatures known as the Bishounen who would grow and flourish into the Biseinen.

Two Angels fallen from on high following Yaoi and Shounen Ai's own descension, seeded the Bishounen creations.  Molding them within images of their own.  Their great names of Uke and Seme.  Uke fallowed the youths as meek and submissive beings, filled with amany unstoppable fluids.  Seme took possession of Uke's creations in the form of dominant and strong beings.  Order came with the Bishounen of Uke and Seme, in the ways of the Height Rule.  Whereas, the Seme would inevitably, be taller than the Uke.  However, as time progressed, two descendants of the Uke and the Seme beings, looked upon one another and cast out the rule in favor of controversial and spicy copulation.  The sign of 4x3, forever heralding this event.

Soon after, fellow Angels fell willingly from the paradise of Miyazaki.  Wishing to aid in the Bishounen creation.  Their names;  PWP (Plot?  What Plot?!), Angst, UST (Unresolved Sexual Tension), Obsession, and Mary Sue (which was beaten to death with a squeaky mallet, along with her brother Marty Sue).

And Miyazaki looked down at what had spawned, and gave a great shudder of fear.  Knowing not completely what he had done.  The Angels, Angels no more, dubbed themselves as the FanGirls.  From that day on, no pretty boy of pen and ink, was ever safe again.

Retreateth to CHAPTER TWENTY.
Return thee to the First Church of Hayao Miyazaki.